Project Management

Project Management for construction, repairs or refit

With over 25 years building, repairing and designing boats, we are well-placed to manage and supervise your boating construction, repairs or refitting projects from start to finish.

Depending on your requirements, we can project manage and supervise your construction or repairs, contracting specialists to undertake the various aspects of the work as needed. With many years in the local boating industry we have a solid network of trusted tradespeople whom we can call upon to carry out specific tasks.

If you have engaged a preferred boat builder or repairer to carry out work on your boat, we can oversee and inspect the work as it is undertaken to ensure it is of high quality and that appropriate construction materials are used. Having the work overseen by an experienced surveyor reduces the temptation of boat builders to cut corners or use inappropriate or less expensive materials. This is likely to reduce your repair costs into the future.

If you are embarking on a boat-building project yourself, whether as a professional or an enthusiast, we can carry out occasional inspections to offer advice and ideas. Once the construction or repairs are completed, we can provide a report describing the quality of construction for the purposes of insurance or resale.